Buying a Home

Buying a home especially if you are a first time home buyer can be an overwhelming yet exciting time. If you make a few preparations in advance the end result will be a smooth and successful transaction.

Below are suggestions so you can be well prepared for your purchase.

Contact your preferred Mortgage Agent:

One of the first steps you will want to make before buying a home is contact a mortgage agent. They can assist you with checking your credit score and depending on your score pre-approve you for a loan. Your mortgage agent will present mortgage products that will vary in cost and options for your down payment. They will also inform of any fees and estimated closing costs.

Knowing what price range of properties will be in your search you will need to identify what location is best to start your search. Each neighborhood has different offerings including tax rates, services, school systems and accessibility. Use me as a resource, based on my years of experience and area knowledge I am very familiar with most towns in the area.

Available Funds:

Remember you will need to have money available for a down payment, closing costs and other moving associated expenditures during the process. Try to keep from making any large purchases during this time. Purchases such as this can affect your credit score and qualification for a mortgage.

Buyers Agent:

Be represented by a Buyers Agent. As your Buyers Agent I will suggest homes in your price range and help you negotiate the best offer on your potential home. I will be available for advice and be your resource for connecting you with whom you may need in order to finalize the purchase of your home. From mortgage companies to movers or for any questions you may have I am only a phone call away.

Time for the Offer:

Once you’ve found the perfect property it’s time to make an offer. It’s important to have all of your information ready to go so when we submit your offer it is complete. Keeping within your price range in the market, being financially sound and pre-approved for your mortgage will complete the offer.

Purchase and Sale Agreement:

Your offer has been accepted so now it is time for the Purchase and Sale Agreement which lists the terms of your offer including the desired closing date. The Purchase and Sale agreement will be accompanied with your down payment.

Home Inspection:

You will need to have a Home Inspection done so it will be clear what your potential home may need for repairs. Your Home Inspection  expert knows what to look for. Should significant repairs be needed further negotiation with the seller may be required to resolve the needed repairs or an adjustment to the final selling price.

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